The Ultimate Survival App Kit for Android Smartphones [2017]

Got a new smartphone? Know someone who swapped their old phone for the latest Google Pixel 2? Then here’s something to help you get your brand new phone all geared up with the best apps on the Google PlayStore.

Every time we get a new phone, we have the choice of continuing from where we left off, thanks to Google’s restore options. Even then, a lot of us have that one question which makes us pause for a second, and think:

“Do I restore all my apps, or start brand-new?”

Today, I’ll help you make that decision.

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If you don’t play, you lose.

Being from a family that is into all kinds of sports, I was introduced to various sports right from a very young age. Whether it was Ganguli spinning his shirt like he’s gotten the cowboy fever, or it was Schumaker drifting towards a new world record. I loved the excitement that came with watching a legend Federer take on Nadal and the nervousness that came with seeing if Portugal would finally enter a Fifa final or not.

I picked up the bat before I hit ten, and just like every other kid in the neighborhood, decided that I would play for India one day. With that goal set, I would go play a million street games a day – shouting at every no ball, arguing about the run-out, and trying my best to get that perfect yorker. Towards my ninth standard, I finally had a chance to play professional cricket. Continue reading “If you don’t play, you lose.”


Google’s Googly Gone

You must be living under a volcano if you haven’t heard about Google. Even if you aren’t a tech savvy person, I’m sure Google has played some role in your life. Google, a search giant, has helped people around the world better their lives by providing solutions to its customers free of cost. (well, almost)

Are you lost? Google Maps is there to help you find a way out of the puzzle. Forgot your files on the desktop? Google Drive will help you avoid your boss’s frustration. Those lovely moments are taking too much space? No problem! Google Photos will help you securely back them up. Important events coming up but you want to have fun? Google Calendar will help you plan your recreational activities around them. I can go on and on. Continue reading “Google’s Googly Gone”