Can Yo Yo pull off a JB?

It would be uncommon to compare our desi Hip Hop sensation who took India by a storm making us groove to his every beat and an international pop sensation who took the world by a storm when his YouTube covers came out. Yes, I’m talking about Yo Yo Honey Singh and Justin Bieber. Both are extremely popular, and both are top players of their genre – probably even the best of the lot that’s around today.

If you’re an Indian, you should remember when bashing “Honey Singh” and “Justin Bieber” was a thing and would probably define how cool you were. If you’d walk up to someone and tell them you were a belieber they would probably not want to talk to you ever again. It was like a forest fire when everyone decides to hate on a person not really asking why. But if you examine closely, some of their best works have gone hugely unnoticed. Continue reading “Can Yo Yo pull off a JB?”