The Four Best Friends.

“Treat your body as your best friend, and you’ll never be alone!”

How many of us have had those classic ‘Heart-Mind’ battles in our lives. Well, most of us do have it everyday. Let me guess, its the heart which mostly wins, right? That is not true for some people, but mostly it is our hearts which leads from the front.

Leaving alone the fighters, how many of us have felt lonely at times? How many of us felt like we were all by ourselves in this earth? Did anyone of us felt like no one bothered about us any more? Regardless of the situation which causes us to produce such thoughts, everyone of us did, at least once, think about this stuff, right? Continue reading “The Four Best Friends.”

Love: Heart, or Brain?

“Love is an intense feeling of deep affection”

Did anyone ever wonder why the poor human organ “heart” is related to the terms love, affection, happiness, attraction, and all the other forms of intense feelings? Does the heart actually think and feel?

Most of us know the heart as an organ which pumps purified blood to all other parts of our body. But when the topic love comes up, we hear everyone telling sentences like “From the bottom of my heart…”, ” My heart beats for you…”, etc. Why is it that there is a mention of the heart whenever the topic of love is discussed. It is indeed an interesting topic to wonder about. Continue reading “Love: Heart, or Brain?”

Curses: The Ugly Truth.

“Curses can be defined as an verbal threat leading to an undefined action.”

Let’s now get inside the working of a curse. Most of the people curse when they find themselves helpless and utterly irritated due to some defined cause. Curse is just an verbal set of words which threaten to cause pain in the life of the listener. Well, that’s pretty much obvious, no one curses when they are happy!

But had anyone taken an initiative to see how far deep this goes? Does an curse really work? If yes, then how? And if no, then why not? It is indeed an interesting topic to debate on. Well, since ages all the saints and sadhus have been cursing the people they hate. But did the curse actually show its black magic or was it the sins of the people which turned the coarse around? Now, the sins also open up a new topic to be debated on. Let’s just hang on with the curses for now. Continue reading “Curses: The Ugly Truth.”