Tunnel without the light.

So, I give you my shoulder to cry on. I hug you real tight. And tell you that you’ll be fine. That I’ll be beside you and help you through this. I’ll be there for you. And while I’m doing that, out of nowhere, you take out a knife and stab me. I ignore it, and tell you to calm down. We can still fix it. And then you don’t listen, you stab me again. In the same place. And stab me again. And stab me again. And again. In the same fucking place. And there comes a point where it hurts so bad and I’m bleeding so bad that the blood from my stomach looks like a waterfall, and I’m still hugging you trying my best to calm you down, but then the hurt gets unbearable and I feel like I’m going to die. And then I think of Ann. And my family. And how they need me alive than dead. And for once in my life, I be selfish – only because some few very deserving people need me to be there for them – and I push you away.

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AJAX-PHP based simple Feedback system!

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I did a lot of digging around the net, and couldn’t find any simple feedback system which uses AJAX and PHP to do your job in a second. So, for everyone out there who wants a simple feedback system from their site users, I hope this comes in handy.

Okay, so first of all, let me tell you what you NEED to know. To be honest, you can just get away with copy-pasting the codes I’ll be providing you with and the system will work just fine, but to really understand the stuff that’s happening, you’ll need to know HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY (particularly AJAX), PHP and a bit of CSS.

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