Can Yo Yo pull off a JB?

It would be uncommon to compare our desi Hip Hop sensation who took India by a storm making us groove to his every beat and an international pop sensation who took the world by a storm when his YouTube covers came out. Yes, I’m talking about Yo Yo Honey Singh and Justin Bieber. Both are extremely popular, and both are top players of their genre – probably even the best of the lot that’s around today.

If you’re an Indian, you should remember when bashing “Honey Singh” and “Justin Bieber” was a thing and would probably define how cool you were. If you’d walk up to someone and tell them you were a belieber they would probably not want to talk to you ever again. It was like a forest fire when everyone decides to hate on a person not really asking why. But if you examine closely, some of their best works have gone hugely unnoticed. Continue reading “Can Yo Yo pull off a JB?”


Tunnel without the light.

So, I give you my shoulder to cry on. I hug you real tight. And tell you that you’ll be fine. That I’ll be beside you and help you through this. I’ll be there for you. And while I’m doing that, out of nowhere, you take out a knife and stab me. I ignore it, and tell you to calm down. We can still fix it. And then you don’t listen, you stab me again. In the same place. And stab me again. And stab me again. And again. In the same fucking place. And there comes a point where it hurts so bad and I’m bleeding so bad that the blood from my stomach looks like a waterfall, and I’m still hugging you trying my best to calm you down, but then the hurt gets unbearable and I feel like I’m going to die. And then I think of Ann. And my family. And how they need me alive than dead. And for once in my life, I be selfish – only because some few very deserving people need me to be there for them – and I push you away.

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What Do You Mean?

The new single, What Do You Mean, by Justin Bieber is out and oh my! It has blown all of us apart!

Justin’s first take on Tropical House music seemed pretty experimental first, but after listening to the song, I can assure you, it’s really impressive.

The song got stuck in my head, and as the artist himself promised, it was sure an uplifting beat! Everyone wants to dance to it!

And then came out the #WhatDoYouMeanViral movement which provoked me to make my own dance cover. Continue reading “What Do You Mean?”